Promoting is hard.
This is easy.

exec is an advertising platform that allows anyone to promote anything in the back of Uber and Lyft vehicles.
No pushy sales people. No wait times. No giant budgets needed. Reach audiences across Chicago for $1 in 10 cars ($0.10 per play).

Watch it go!

You'll be able to monitor the progress of your promotion the entire time. Check how many people watched it to date, which drivers have played it the most and when it played last.

We don't count a play unless a person was in the back seat AND watched your entire video.







Passengers Watched


Max Ticks

How it works

#1 - Upload Content

Choose the video or image you want to promote from your phone or computer.

#2 - Set Play Count (TICKS)

Choose how many times you want your content to play
($1 = 1 play in every car).

#3 - Enjoy!

You'll be able to monitor the progress of your project the entire time so you'll know when and where it's playing.

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